czech please

little prague, october 2010

After the 2nd Friday Art About and the talk at the bookshop, I went off to possibly my favourite pub in Davis, Little Prague, for a beer and to sketch that German band I didn’t sketch a couple of weeks ago (I am little prague beer-pumpattempting to sketch musicians these days). They however were just finishing up, but told me to come back in a couple of weeks, and asked that I make them look slimmer when I draw them. Fair enough! So I got a beer and settled down to watch the baseball, which was amazingly still going. I like the San Francisco Giants (thanks to my wife and especially my brother-in-law) and they are currently in the play-offs against the Braves.

As soon as I got my first beer, the Braves got a game-winning home run. Bugger. So, out came the sketchbook. The music that replaced the German oompah band was not so good, just some dance music for them what like to dance. I sketched the beer pumps and the lamp, and then turned my attention to the opposite direction and drew the very busy bar. I’ve sketched in here many times. I like drawing in bars,┬ábecause you can really capture an atmosphere, and you can have a beer and some conversation with locals while you’re at it. It had been an evening full of mixing with Davis locals in the Art About so it was nice to┬ásit and relax at the end of a busy week, with another week to go until the Davis Sketchcrawl