walk along and come to no harm

Third Street Davis

The 7th spread of the Davis Moleskine, which is specifically downtown Davis. I’ve decided the next one will be all UC Davis and in blue, and possibly even a third one in dark grey, ‘Rest of Davis’, like the outer regions (such as where I live in South Davis). I’ll have to think about that one though. I couldn’t call it a Tale of Two Cities or something if I did that. But the best trilogies come in threes. All in the future at this point. As for now, the road goes ever on and on.

This is Third Street, in between D and E. I’ve sketched here before because I like these houses, but I have to say I don’t like sketching there, for two reasons. One, it smells of wee. I think that people wee in the alley next to Newsbeat. Two, I am always attacked by flies (thanks I’m sure to One). Why is it that when I’m trying to sketch, flies come and rest on my arm for a second? When I flick them away, they come back, undeterred. I need to pack a flyswatter in my sketching gear. That will be up on the materials page above, there.