4 thoughts on “he who wears the shoes

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Awww!!!! Cute little dude! Happy Birthday to him.

    This is a nice portrait, well rendered. Perhaps, you can do this more often. You say sometimes that you have no aptitude for drawing people, but seeing your results I respectfully disagree. This portrait has all the proper essentials, you can take this and develop it into almost any style or media. Ok, ok, I trying to talk you into portraiture, which is my main interest. But truth remains – you have more going for you in this direction than I did when I started.

  2. petescully says:

    Thanks! It is not quite exactly like him, but it’s my best shot yet I think. I thought the shape of the face was wrong, but when I compared it to the photo the face shape was almost spot on – but the hair was not ‘tall’ enough, and that was because, honestly, I reached the edge of the paper! I will do more of these though, to get it right.

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