and the seasons they go round and round

bikebarn from bainer (yet again)

I draw this scene every six months, once in winter, once in summer. Each scene looks slightly different, and for more than just the changing seasons. This more than any other Davis scene is my ‘Mont St. Victoire’. (Incidentally I’ve actually climbed Mont St. Victoire, twice) I started drawing it one lunchtime a couple of weeks back, but ran out of time; then it rained solidly for a fortnight. So yesterday we had a day of sunshine, cold cold sunshine, and I got back out to finish it off. You’ll see it again in six months or so.

Anyway, here are the other ones. I can’t help myself:

Summer 2007:

uc davis trees encore
Winter 2008:

no leaves for you

Summer 2008:
smoky and the bikebarn

Winter 2009:
lunchtime sketch by the hog barnrainy rainy day

Summer 2009:
bike barn from bainer