circo shoe blue

15, circo shoe blue

After a longer than expected hiatus, it’s back to Luke’s Shoes, a series detailing all of my son’s shoes in order of appearance. It doesn’t include rainboots, or snowboots, or slippers, just shoes, and sandals. This is Number 15 in the series, the blue Circo shoe. These haven’t been worn in a long time. I am slowly catching up with the shoes. Step by step.

brief shoe

14: the brief shoe

Last summer I started a series in a small moleskine cahier, drawing every one of my toddler son’s shoes, in order of being worn. This is number 14 (some have been drawn more than once, at different angles). It’s a blue Old Navy shoe with orange sides and three strips, and was only worn for little more than a month! He outgrew them fast. So I’m calling it the ‘brief shoe’. Ironically, he still wears shoes he had for a good while prior to this one (shoe 10/11, the USA shoe); they just grew with him. 

Drawn in Itoya finepoint 0.1, in a small moleskine cahier. Incidentally, I was in the bookstore on Saturday looking for a new watercolour moley, and could not find any; apparently (I was told) all Moleskines have been recalled in California due to some state law saying they had to state on the packaging which chemicals were used in making their covers! So I have to get it online instead. Oh well.

osh-kosh shoe

#13: osh-kosh shoe

#13 in the ever-expanding series. These are the Osh-Kosh shoes, hand-me-downs from a friend’s older child, which are in fact my son’s first lace-ups (not that he can tie his laces or anything yet, of course, though I wouldn’t put it past him).

Copic 0.1 in a Moleskine cahier.

usa shoe (side)

I had to draw this shoe again from a different angle. This is the twelfth entry in the book called ‘Luke’s Shoes’, in which I draw all of my son’s shoes (in case you didn’t know already).

#12: usa shoe (side)

This is my first drawing of 2010! My art goal for this year – draw more people, especially faces, and from life too. Also draw even more shoes. I do have New Year’s Resolutions (such as 600 dpi) but I’m not telling you what they are.

usa shoe

#11: usa shoe

Another of my son’s shoes, and he still wears them. Not a baby any more, he’s very much a toddler now. These are his navy blue ‘USA’ shoes, made by Pipsqueakers – though they have been ‘desqueaked’. You can order them with special squeaks, you see, but daddy said ‘no squeaks!’ and so the shoes are squeak-free.

If you’re interested, this was drawn in copic multiliner 0.1 in a small moleskine cahier and took just over an hour to draw.

Oh, and Happy New Year 2010!