usa shoe (side)

I had to draw this shoe again from a different angle. This is the twelfth entry in the book called ‘Luke’s Shoes’, in which I draw all of my son’s shoes (in case you didn’t know already).

#12: usa shoe (side)

This is my first drawing of 2010! My art goal for this year – draw more people, especially faces, and from life too. Also draw even more shoes. I do have New Year’s Resolutions (such as 600 dpi) but I’m not telling you what they are.

4 thoughts on “usa shoe (side)

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Great shoe! Shoes are tough, I know – I tried.

    All the best for you in the new year and a great success with your resolutions. Mine is similar – people, it is going to be interesting.

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