fifth street between b and c

 5th st panorama, Davis

This is Fifth Street, between B and C. (Click on the image to see it in more detail, on my Flickr site). That is the Newman Chapel on the left there, with the blue building also bein part of the Newman complex. The last time I drew this building was two years ago, January 2019, shortly after the terrible news of young Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona’s death, shot in cold blood by a man who lived a block away. That was an awful tragedy, and today (January 10) marks two years since it happened. The spot where it happened is now marked with a bench commemorating Officer Corona, which you can make out on the right of the drawing. Still unbelievable, the events of that night. I think that was the first time we had to ‘shelter-in-place’ since coming to Davis (obviously much more familiar with the term now). I always think about it when passing down this stretch of Fifth. I drew most of this at lunchtime when on my way from home to a meeting on campus at the Silo, though I did pop into the football shirt shop (Football and Lifestyle) on the way and pick up the new Spurs 3rd kit, looks great.

One thought on “fifth street between b and c

  1. unironedman says:

    ‘Spurs’ and ‘third’ begs the gag ‘coz that’s where they’re destined to finish’ but that seems cruel and uncalled for. But it’s too late now. I’ve typed it, and my delete key is missing. Anyway, as a Man Utd fan born in Leicester, I get to ride two horses, neither of which will win the Premiership, so who’s laughing now, huh!

    But on a more sombre note, ‘shelter in place’ as a phrase just seems so pleasant, doesn’t it? Like, ‘where shall we have our picnic? This looks nice here under the trees…’ that sort of thing. Crazy times indeed. I know you are about as far away from the madness in Washington as we are here in the old country, but stay safe nonetheless.

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