tri co-ops garden UC Davis

This has been a week. The despicable events of Wednesday in DC definitely shocked me, and yeah, I worry what more havoc could be wrought in the next couple of weeks. And beyond, I don’t think this sort of thing is over for a while. I haven’t much energy to gather all my thoughts about it all to be honest, other than angry shouting at a cloud. I never imagined all that was to come at the start of the week, when I sketched this. I went down to campus to get my COVID test, a weekly requirement if we are working on campus (which I will still do once or twice per week, if only for a few hours to take care of some things). These are the gardens at the back of the Tri Co-Ops, not far from the ARC. I stood next to a big puddle, it having rained a lot before this. I have sketched the other side of the Tri-Co-Ops, but not the gardens. This is a gateway of some sort. I feel like we are always passing through gateways of some sort, but this week definitely feels like a gateway of some sort, and a dangerous one. 2020 hasn’t actually stopped yet. Call it 2020 2.0. Jeez, if this is 2021, can it be 2022 yet?

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