but i know that i will be back, right back here with you

4th & E Davis Another downtown lunchtime sketch, or late lunch, I don’t remember now. Lunchtime is just an arbitrary time slot in the day  a lot of the time nowadays. This is a bright yellow building, but I don’t really like drawing yellow buildings much, so you just get the monochrome version, except for the sign. Drawn with the Uniball Signo UM-151 brown-black pen. Making the most of drawing outside. Before we’re all locked down again. I hear back in Britain that is where it’s headed. Here in California, we aren’t ‘locked down’ (in fact we never called it that, it’s always been ‘shelter-in-place’) but hardly anyone’s on campus. Lots of places are still open downtown though, restaurants (for take-out or eating outside on the new patios, where parking spots used to be), shops, but not movie theaters, not bars, not the places where in the past I would have gone on a Friday evening after a busy week, to watch one of the movies I like, with a Snickers ice cream bar, and then go to De Vere’s for a few pints and to draw an intense panorama of the bar and all the people. De Vere’s Irish Pub is closed now. In hibernation, rather. The Sacramento pub is still open, but Davis is shuttered for now. I miss it there, a friendly place you’d bump into locals. Some other bars are open, University of Beer has an expanded patio, and I think Sophia’s does too, though we just order a bi-weekly curry from there, the best. Ah, I miss the pubs, I miss sitting at the bar and drawing in my sketchbook over a pint. But at least I’m out sketching now, not just drawing my living room over and over. Sometimes when you feel like you’re just falling off the planet, getting a sketchbook out and committing to a drawing with a lot of penwork and shapes and observation can really help bring you back.   

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