making a song and dance about things

dancers in davis june 2016

A couple of weeks ago I went to the downtown Davis “2nd Friday Art About”, as I had a couple of pieces on display at the Pence Gallery following the Garden Tour (both sold, by the way – hooray!) and so while there was sunlight I stuck around downtown to do a bit of sketching. Inspired by the watercolour sketches of dancers by Kumi Matsukawa from Japan (who wrote chapters in my book Creative Sketching Workshop) I sketched a couple of women dressed in bright Spanish style dresses who were moving from spot to spot, performing a dance to some flamenco style music, and moving on. I also caught them in quick pencil gestures, below. This sort of loose style sketching is useful for people moving quickly, focusing on the gesture and movement rather than going for accurate details. That’s usually how your eye registers things, and your hand works slower than your eye so let it dance with the dancers.

dancers in davis june 2016
I also sketched a band that was playing in the courtyard of the Pence. They moved around a lot less, but my eyesight sketching from a distance made it hard to pick out too many details, but the red of the middle guitarist’s dress really stood out.
musicians in davis june 2016

7 thoughts on “making a song and dance about things

  1. Eva M Dopico says:

    Hi Pete Scully!!

    This is Eva M Dopico, one of the flamenco dancers that you sketched last month at the Davis ArtAbout. I just wanted to tell you Thank you!!! It was a fun surprise to find out that we inspired you to make such a wonderful scketch!! You really captured the moment!! It is beautiful!!!! Drawing flamenco dancing in action is not easy at all!! :-))) Thank again!!! Let us know if you need more flamenco inspiration from us and we will let you know when we will do it again :-)))

    • pete scully says:

      Wow! That’s so cool that you found that, I had wanted to follow you both to the next location and sketch more, but you’d all gone and so I went back to sketching the band. I certainly enjoyed sketching you both dancing (it’s really difficult, but I have been learning…), so I will be in touch to see where you’ll be dancing again. Best wishes and thank you for the comment!

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