the plastic people of the universe

As you may have gathered I like to draw my son’s toys, especially his Lego, but many of his other things too. This is all in a book, a Stillman and Birn Alpha book, and is primarily as a keepsake for the future. When he’s grown up, he’ll be able to look through these and remember his toys, and he’ll probably say “Dad, can I borrow those back now please, Dad why do you have an entire basement full of Lego, Dad you’ve been drawing Lego continuously without sleep for twelve years ” and so on. Well, here are some more.

Lego figures again

ABOVE: Ok…we have Ka-Pow (I think), Ultron, Nevula, Morro, Wolverine, Jay the Blue Ninja, Lavel, Sensei Wu, Falcon, a Nindroid, Lloyd the Green Ninja, Wonder Woman, Star-Lord, the Flash, a Sormtrooper, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Luke Skywalker, Captain america (right there two of my favourite heroes), Skylor the Orange Ninja (but she’s yellow, right? Mustard Yellow at least but my son insists she ‘s the Orange Ninja), Krusty the Klown (that’s mine!), Red Skull, Cyclops and the Emperor. Phew!

Lego figures still yet again

ABOVE: So…Kai the Red Ninja in his Airjitsu outfit, Scralet Witch, Han Solo, Taskmaster, Catwoman, Imperial Guard, Iron Man Mark 6, er…the king of the Lion tribe in Chima…Batman, one of the Chima Phoenix tribe, Cole the Black Ninja, Zane the White Ninja (actually maybe the Titanium Ninja by this point), Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Lasha, Superman, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Master Chen, Wyldstyle, Deadpool, Clone pilot, Storm, Nova Officer.

Lego figures yet again

ABOVE: Finally…Yellowjacket, a Chima lion, a knight, a Sandtrooper, Aquaman, Lloyd (Ninjago Season 5), Kai (Ninjago Season 1), an Ogre, Magneto (white gloves era, probably when headmaster of the Xavier School), a Skeleton, Modok, a Battle Droid, Nya as the Water Ninja, an X-Wing pilot, a Season 5 Ninjago Ghost, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Lex Luthor, a Knight, a Chitauri and…snow-suit Batman. Because what makes more sense than Batman wearing white and light grey.

Have you seen the Lego movie? It’s brilliant, it’s awesome, and I love that guy at the end, I presume he is the hero, the dad character who has that big Lego city. He’s living the dream. We do between us now have a lot of Lego, so when I say I am drawing his Lego, I really mean “and mine too”. But right now, Lego mini-figures are the number one play-thing. We get the big sets, but really it’s all about the figures that come with them more than the big vehicles. Right now, Ninjago and Chima rule the roost. Marvel, DC and Star Wars get in there but I don’t let him mix them up (just to wind me up, he puts Venom’s face into Taskmaster’s hood). Now I have drawn a bunch before, but I felt it was time to draw some more. And then some more, and then some more because I just can’t stop. I can’t Lego of the pen (really Pete, really???). Of course I should have drawn them as the majority really are, ie all taken apart and scattered across the floor, but I’m a puritanical President Business wannabe aren’t I, so I drew them as nature intended. Or at least as best I could gather them up. And there are loads more. Let me tell you something though – this took AGES. Absolutely ages. I’m not kidding. Half the time was spent looking through all the Lego for the right figures! Matching up the ones that were in pieces, trying to make sure there was a fair amount of female representation (not easy in Lego-world) (and I’ve noticed that female figures all have these little curves painted into their midfriffs). Finding the right weapons (I’m sure I got a few wrong, my son’ll be the first to tell me). Drawing them all one by one, and then colouring them in with watercolour, oh man that was a long process, I never want to do this again. I will of course, when there are more to add to the “draw-all-my-son’s-things” log. But it was hard work my friend, hard work.

12 thoughts on “the plastic people of the universe

  1. rebecca says:

    your posts make me smile….yes, it does look like hard work, patience, perseverance, dedication to the log! Well worth it! It is funny how the Lego people are really the prize in cracker jack box of a lego kit….

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes, the Lego movie exceeded my expectations in so many ways! I’m Benny; my son would even now at 13 love to be Batman (‘only black or very very dark grey’). Hats off to you with your minifigures, they are super; I did one once (a series 12 musketeer) and it went horribly wrong, haha. But yours are (only one word for it)…Awesome!

  3. fromsomewherewithlovex says:

    Long time since our floor was an agonizing Lego death trap! To aid with stress free assembly, I religiously saved all instructions and had them filed in a ring binder – access to which was limited and always supervised by me haha!

  4. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Your drawings are awesome! I recognized lots of favourite sin each drawing. I’m overjoyed to “know” another parent who is willing to confess to being a bit Lord Business. I spent hours this weekend just sorting my sons’ Lego minifigures into categories as they were just in a heap all over his floor. One box – the fullest box – is just filled with heads, legs and torsos. It makes me want to cry. So next weekend will be spent performing surgery and reconstituting the minifigures back to their original selves. My kids have a massive trug full of what we call random Lego so I do wish they would leave the specific minifigures complete.

    • pete scully says:

      Aargh! Good luck with that. The annoying thing about my son doing that is that in his mind, he is super organized and can find the right legs for the right body in seconds. To me it looks like chaos…

      • Laura (PA Pict) says:

        Maybe your son is super-organised that way. I know I can put my hand to any random item in the house even though to someone else it might not seem like things have a proper place. My sons, however, are not super-organised. Their Lego really does look like something from The Island of Dr Moreau and they are so overwhelmed by the mess now that they have no idea where to start with reconstituting the people. So inevitably it will fall to me to do it. Which is not the fun interaction with lego I enjoy.

  5. cathyp331 says:

    I am an old Mom of two boys who are now in their 30’s (gulp) and your post is making me remember the chaotic mess our home was with Lego parts and pieces scattered all over. My younger son, who has three boys of his own, has taken the millions of Lego bricks to his home where he is carrying on the tradition. Enjoy this time with Luke. It goes by way too fast!

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