chair today, gone tomorrow

frank's chair
One of our long-term and much beloved professors retired recently, and so has been relocating from his office. Professor Samaniego had a few really old and interesting chairs, sat on by many students over the decades, which I have been talking about sketching for years, and now they are finally leaving I had one last chance to draw this one, which is probably my favourite. It’s an old seat from a theatre, a very posh theatre too by the look of it. It has the letters “GR” cast in iron on the decoration, and beneath the seat is a rack specially for storing top hats. I wonder what performances this chair witnessed over the years. With the wooden slats beneath it, it looks like it is a chair on skis. I didn’t have room for it in my office, unfortunately, so it will be living with my boss. Au revoir, nice old chair!

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