there is a season, turn turn turn

silo panorama jan2015 sm
Panoramas carry on. This is a scene that I used to sketch twice a year, once in January and once in June or July. Then I stopped, because it wasn’t really changing and I was getting bored. I never did a two-page spread, though, so over a lunchtime and a half (the inkwork) and adding colour later on I checked it off the list.

Out of interest, here are some previous versions of the same scene, sketched from roughly the same spot:

bikebarn from bainer (yet again)bike barn from bainersmoky and the bikebarnno leaves for yousouth silo uc davisview from bainer uc davisheitman center, uc davisuc davis trees encorelunchtime sketch by the hog barnrainy rainy daythe view from bainer, againstanding stones near the silo

9 thoughts on “there is a season, turn turn turn

  1. Philip Pittsenbarger says:

    Hi Pete,
    I love your sketches, I grew up in Davis so its fun to see all the familiar scenes, it kind of make me miss it. I live in Portland now and am an avid sketcher if you are ever up here it would be fun to sketch with you.

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks Philip! I go to Portland sometimes (for the rain and the beer) and sketch with the Portland Urban Sketchers on their sketchcrawls, they are a great group, very friendly folk.

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