i’ll settle down with some old story

F Street Davis. Sunday afternoon. Click to see bigger.

F Street Davis. Sunday afternoon. Click to see bigger.

My son was having friends over for a playdate, so that was my cue to get a few hours of quiet sketch-time downtown last Sunday afternoon. After filling my stomach with a large burrito, I stood out on F St to draw a panorama which includes the Old City Hall (now City Hall Tavern) and the little package delivery shop. I stood next to the bins near the Paint Chip art shop. I listened to podcasts about (a) History and (b) the X-Men. After two hours of drawing all the ink (I coloured it in at home)  I stopped, and went for a pint at de Vere’s, where I read (a) a magazine about history and (b) an X-Men comic. They both make perfect sense now.

10 thoughts on “i’ll settle down with some old story

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    That sounds like a pleasant way to wile away a Sunday afternoon. As an expert in history and X-Men, maybe you can help me understand the timeline(s) for the conclusion of ‘Days of Future Past’.

    • pete scully says:

      The movie? Well…sorry, I can’t. It doesn’t really make any sense. But my best guess is (SPOILER ALERT) that it is in fact the same timeline as the other movies, just further ahead than ‘The Wolverine’. Jean and Scott are back to life, “Because X-Men”, same as Charles is back to life in both timelines. I think the diabolical Sentinels future was actually an alternate apocalyptic timeline (probably because of Apocalypse, hence his appearance at the end) and sending Wolverine back corrected it to the one we saw in the other films. Because if not… well, it’s X-Men. This is nothing compared to the comics, NOTHING!

      • pete scully says:

        (SPOILER ALERT) Also Jean is back because the Jean in X-Men 3 wasn’t really Jean but ‘The Phoenix’ pretending to be Jean (just as in the comics) and she was kept alive at the bottom of the lake. We never saw Scott die so that explains that (“X-Men!”) and Charles switched consciousness to another body of someone who looked just like him (seen in the end scene of X-Men 3; this actually happened in the movie).

      • Laura (PA Pict) says:

        Thank you. My kids (who are into comics but have not yet read the XMen) and I were debating this the other night. Ultimately I don’t care because it’s still a fun movie and if it undoes some of the guff from XMen 3 and Wolverine then that’s a plus.

  2. shalamariris says:

    I must comment on what is obvious; you are extremely talented!
    Beyond your sketches that allow us visual insight on your journeys, you’ve a way with words. It’s a poignant combination. I enjoy your updates very much.
    My new-found curiosity with your subject matter leads me to ask, what is it that you find most difficult about drawing out a panorama?

    I’m loving wordpress more and more each day,
    Kindest regards…

    • pete scully says:

      Thank you for the kind comment! Panoramas…holding the book open, I might have said once, is the hardest thing. My fingers tend to hurt after a while when I do these too, because I’m standing there for so long drawing details, so I often leave the most repetitive detailing (roof tiles, windows on skyscrapers) until I get home, or somewhere to sit at a table at least.

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