“i am a very famous racecar!”

lightning mcqueen shoe

Sometimes you just need to draw a shoe, and what a shoe! This is one of my son’s beloved Lightning McQueen shoes. It’s not drawn in the book which chronicles all of his shoes (those are in black and white), rather it’s in the Stillman & Birn Alpha book (which I’m using to draw his things in colour), and this merited colour. The heel has little lights embedded inside which flash when he walks. This whole drawing took me a couple of hours, while watching Spaced. It is a busy, trying week, this week, and sometimes you just need to sit back and draw a shoe.

9 thoughts on ““i am a very famous racecar!”

  1. jennifertan47 says:

    Fabulous sketch and a nice image you taking sometime to sketch and breathe out. Im’ having a busy and trying week too and maybe I”ll sketch a shoe too. There, you didn’t know you were handing out mental health advice!

  2. Morris Mosart says:

    Must confess to adopting your catchphrase ‘Everything is interesting if you take an interest’ – usually prefaced with “…as Pete Scully says..” The only shoe interest as a child, in my space-time, was the Start-Rite big poster, with two kids holding hands, facing down the long perspective path of their lives. A pastel with a bit of hope and humanity, until going to the UK’s biggest basketball school, now called Canons High, where AllStar were Rolls Royce and it’s continued to today’s ‘silly air soles’ which I’m still wearing!
    Praying for the people of Timbuctoo – you can enter here:
    ps have you been to Clarks Quaker shoe museum in Street(Glastonbury)?

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