joining the dots

3rd St, Davis
Cold sunny Saturday downtown in Davis, there are so many great cold-day shadows about that some urban sketching is impossible to resist. I think this is the last house in this row on 3rd St that I’ve not actually sketched. Maybe I have. Anyway after getting my hair cut (you don’t need to know that unless it somehow explains my sketching…my head was a bit colder than usual, sharpened my focus, I don’t know) I stood outside Newsbeat and sketched as quickly as I could. It was chilly and I had to walk home listening to 3rd century crisis Rome.

Hey you might be interested, here are all the buildings in that little stretch of 3rd Street. Now I have completed the set, it feels like Monopoly, I can start building hotels. If I’m in Davis any longer, eventually I’ll be able to geographically join up all of my sketches. It’s like a sketched version of Google Street View.
3rd street Davis

4 thoughts on “joining the dots

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks very much!
      While I don’t really do the whole blog-award-chains, I like the questions so here are my answers:

      1. What is your favourite season of the year? Why? “The premier league football season”
      2. Describe a moment of absolute clarity in your life. “I’m never absolutely clear.”
      3. What would be your ideal holiday? “Sketching around the world six months of the year”
      4. What is your favourite film adaptation of a book? (Could be movie or television.) “Watchmen”
      5. Who is your favourite author? Why? “Philip Pullman. Just for His Dark Materials.”
      6. Who do you wish you could be more like? Why? “Superman. Because he can fly without going through an airport first”
      7. What moment in your life do you wish you could take back, or do over? “Watching the second Sherlock Holmes movie. That was such a bad idea.”
      8. What would you name (or did you name) your first-born child? Why? “Luke. Because it’s easy to spell and it’s a normal name”
      9. If you could go back to school, what would you study? “The same things, I would just try harder.”
      10. What are you most looking forward to? “BARCELONA”
      11. What word or phrase do you wish you could banish forever from the world’s memory? Why? “The dismissive response “Whatever”, it bloody annoys me.”


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