house of the rising sun

dresbach hunt boyer home
The Dresbach Hunt-Boyer House in downtown Davis, on 2nd St, is one of the most historic buildings in Davis. I had to pop by on Friday lunchtime to pick up some brochures about Davis and Yolo County for work, and took the opportunity to sketch the building, something I have rarely done (though I sketched its former tank house a couple of times, it is now located at a farm on the edge of town, in two pieces). The building dates from the 1870s, and its triple-barreled name reflects different owners of the mansion, the grounds of which spanned a larger area in days gone by. The Yolo County Visitors Bureau is located in there now. I sketched this while listening to an excellent podcast about Roman timekeeping, from the History of the English Language podcast series (though I am listening to the History of Rome series avidly also).