house of the rising sun

dresbach hunt boyer home
The Dresbach Hunt-Boyer House in downtown Davis, on 2nd St, is one of the most historic buildings in Davis. I had to pop by on Friday lunchtime to pick up some brochures about Davis and Yolo County for work, and took the opportunity to sketch the building, something I have rarely done (though I sketched its former tank house a couple of times, it is now located at a farm on the edge of town, in two pieces). The building dates from the 1870s, and its triple-barreled name reflects different owners of the mansion, the grounds of which spanned a larger area in days gone by. The Yolo County Visitors Bureau is located in there now. I sketched this while listening to an excellent podcast about Roman timekeeping, from the History of the English Language podcast series (though I am listening to the History of Rome series avidly also).

5 thoughts on “house of the rising sun

  1. aloquin777 says:

    Love that song, so very great post title :)

    We have several old buildings around where I live… the William Floyd Estate, the Manor of St. George, and a great, big, and sturdy red barn back from Lincoln’s days. Maybe I’ll commit to sketching them once the weather warms…

    And you seem to be very interested in those podcasts… What turned you on to them?

  2. missbloggart says:

    I really like your work with scenes, structures and the like. My primary focus has been characters for so long, that I need to practice giving them a place to stand and live! Thanks for the inspiration to keep moving forward :)

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