nanodrawmo 2012 – part 5

I finally finished the NaNoDrawMo challenge, with time to spare. Here are the final posts, with nice drawings and rather inconsistent / incoherent writing exercises beside them.
NaNoDrawMo 40-42
NaNoDrawMo 43-44
NaNoDrawMo 45-47
NaNoDrawMo 48-49
NaNoDrawMo 50
Phew! Here are all 50 drawings, altogether in one place…
NaNoDrawMo 2012 full set
Well done to everybody else who took the NaNoDrawMo challenge this year (I think you’ll particularly enjoy my cousin Dawn’s inspirational drawings of fishing gear). There is some great stuff out there! You can check out the rest of the NaNoDrawMo Flickr group at:

10 thoughts on “nanodrawmo 2012 – part 5

  1. sleafordbayretreat says:

    Wow I absolutely adore your sketches! If you ever head to Australia be sure to visit the beautiful Port Lincoln, South Australia. You could do a Great White Shark cage dive and sketch them! Lots to do here! just sayin, would be happy to trade accommodation for sketches? lol

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