haute again

haute again, e street
I hope you have all had a very nice Christmas. It still is Christmas of course, one more mince pie to eat, lots more cheese left in the fridge, Christmas gifts yet to be played with (I have an X-Men lego helicopter complete with Magneto still to put together, but I’m full into my Barcelona guidebook now and my new slippers are getting well used in this cold). Yesterday though I went back to work, locking myself away while it is quiet to plough through the mountain of work on my desk. I got away at lucnhtime for some Thai food, and with to the History of Rome podcast on my iPod I stood across the street from Haute Again (a consignment store on E street) to sketch the Orange Court complex while it is visible. Now the trees are leafless the architecture of Davis can be seen, and sketched. I didn’t give myself much time though so didn’t draw the whole thing, and left that half-done too, but I plan to come back and finish it off. I didn’t get much sketching in over the Christmas, and at home I’m working on a drawing project in my brief spare moments, but 2013 is coming, and I plan to sketch even more. The next sketchcrawl is on January 19th by the way. This year is nearly over…