at the holiday sale

DAC Holiday Sale 2012
This weekend is the Davis Art Center’s annual Holiday Sale, a big and popular event at the DAC featuring art, crafts, jewelry and many other lovely hand-made products. They are also selling cards with a selection of my Davis sketches on them, which look great! I came by this afternoon during a lull in the stormy weather (having spent the morning getting very muddy chopping down a Christmas tree), and after watching Beckham’s last game for LA Galaxy (they won the MLS Cup). After perusing the stalls, I whipped out the sketchbook and drew a scene in the main atrium. It was bustling with people, a friendly family atmosphere. If you are in Davis, tomorrow (Sunday Dec 2) is the last day of the Holiday Sale, so why not pop by and check it out? The Davis Art Center is on the corner of F St and Covell, by Community Park.

Davis Art Center

One thought on “at the holiday sale

  1. vyvacious says:

    I love your sketches! This is beautiful. We have a similar “Holiday Sale” called Unique LA and it’s just amazing. I wouldn’t say this is as family friendly as there’s free drinks and snacks but I definitely love the bustling activity and wide range of homemade products you can purchase.

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