ce n’est pas facile d’être bleu

chimay bleu
Chimay Bleu, a very popular Trappist beer in Belgium. When I spent a year there I  only had it the once, it wasn’t really my thing, very dark, but the Charleroi locals loved it, king of the Trappists. I like the glass, and brought my Chimay glass with me to America, it’s nice to eat ice cream or trifle out of. Anyway, my wife got me one recently so I had it tonight while watching the telly, and of course I had to draw it in the brown paper beer book.

2 thoughts on “ce n’est pas facile d’être bleu

    • pete scully says:

      Salut Gérard! Hmm, sometime soon I hope, after seeing your Louvain sketches I’m itching to go back! I’m planning on a trip to London soon, but if I go anywhere else it will be Paris this time. I might miss Santo Domingo this year too…

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