at the corner of third and e

3rd and E, Davis

The trees are starting to bud already, so to draw the buildings in Davis while you can actually see them, you gotta be quick. This builidng, on the corner of 3rd and E Streets in Davis, is home to several things (Davis Chamber of Commerce, a family dentist’s, a bicycling clothes store), in the heart of the downtown. It sits directly opposite that other house at 3rd & E which I drew before. I was commissioned to draw it by the owners of the building (I hope they like it!). I started it last Saturday, the day after my talk at the bookstore, and there were a fair few people who stopped to say hello while I drew, sat on my little sketching stool by the lamp-post. The sun was getting in my eyes though (I didn’t bring my hat), so aftre doing a great deal of the linework (including those pesky trees) I gave up and took it home to finish, which I finally got around to doing a couple of days ago.

Let me tell you, the weather we are having these days feels more like May or June than February or March. That is, May or June where I’m from, not the century-hitting ones you get here. It’s warm and very pleasant, more so than usual for the time of year. Nice for being outside drawing…though beware, Davis sketchers, for pollen is in the air, and the season of the sneezing is soon to be upon us…