davis hillel house

davis hillel house (temporary)

Opposite Toomey Field on the edge of UC Davis, on the corner of A & 4th, this is the Davis Hillel house. Actually, it is the temporary one; the real one is being redeveloped next door. Hillel offers community support for Jewish students, including 100% kosher food; I know this, because I worked on a number of occasions in the kitchen at the Hillel house in central London, as a waiter for a very amiable Jewish caterer called Ron. I liked the look of this particular building; many of he buildings in this quarter of Davis have a lot of character. their new building will be two storey, and perhaps I will go and sketch the progress. However, just this week the allergens returned, and the sneezing and sniffling season has begun. Oh well. This was sketched at lunchtime yesterday, with colour added later.