you make me dizzy miss lizzy

old car, davis, 3rd st

I really needed a haircut. You know how it is, your hair is fine, just the right length, then one day all of a sudden it’s way too long, and you’re like Yahoo Serious or someone. I’m someone who needs his hair short. So I finally made it to the barber’s downtown, and there were about five people ahead of me, so I took that opportunity to go and sketch something. There was an interesting old car parked out on 3rd Street, so obviously that’s where I went. I stood in the shade outside the former Blockbuster Video and drew in my Stillman & Birn gamma series book. I was about halfway through, when the driver came and drove it away.I finished it off at home.  I didn’t even get to see what make of car it is; can you guess for me?