urban sketches at the pence

Pence Gallery Show, Dec 2011

My long-awaited show at the Pence Gallery in Davis finally opened today!

The show runs for the month of December (until the 30th), upstairs at the Pence, and features a series of urban sketches drawn around Davis in the past few months.

On Friday December 9th, there will be an Artist’s Reception at the gallery, from 6:00-9:00pm. Please come by to say hello! See the Facebook event page

preparing for my show at the Pencepreparing for my show at the Pence
My show at the Pence Gallery

If you’re in Davis, please stop by the Pence! They have a wonderful holiday market going on right now. They are open Tuesday-Sunday 11:30-5:00. Please see http://www.pencegallery.org/ for more information.
Pence Gallery Show, Dec 2011

8 thoughts on “urban sketches at the pence

  1. Jeff Bouey says:

    Hi Pete, such wonderful work!!! I follow your blog daily, I recognize most of the work at the Pence showing as work you did in a moleskine sketchbook, how did you frame the sketches in prep for the show? Did you have to cut them out of the sketchbook? I wish I was out west to see the display.

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks Jeff! Actually none of the stuff on display at the Pence was done in a Moleskine, each is on a loose sheet of Strathmore hot press paper. I approached the series as if it were in a sketchbook however, so that they would have a connected feel to them, as if I had pulled out the pages and put them on the wall.

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