deli vision

zia's deli, downtown davis

There is a great little Italian deli in downtown Davis that I can’t believe I’ve never sketched in before. It’s called Zia’s, on 3rd Street (, and I occasionally pop in here for a can of that lovely orange San Pellegrino. (now I’ve drawn them before!) It was a hot Saturday afternoon, I had been dropping off fliers for the sketchcrawl at various spots downtown, I was thirsty, and I sat in here and started sketching. They do great sandwiches (they’ve won the ‘best sandwich’ award in Davis), and have a nice selection of Italian biscuits and sweets. They were almost closing up, so when I was done I popped outside to do a quick sketch of the front. The owner of the deli pulled up in his car and commended me on my drawing, which was nice. I commended him on his deli, which is nice too.

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