underneath the arches

admiralty arch

One from London I forgot to post: Admiralty Arch, at the entrance to the Mall. It had been a sunny morning, I had drawn Buckingham Palace and had a nice look at an exhibition of amazing airplane paintings and drawings at the Mall Galleries, speaking to a nice artist who encouraged me to join the British Aviation Artists Guild (I forget the correct name), only problem being I don’t live in Britain any more, and I haven’t drawn that many planes (except my son’s toy planes, of course). Still I really want to draw some, I was inspired by what I saw. I grew up near RAF Musuem at Hendon so I will for sure sketch there on my next trip back  (I did attempt to last December, but got caught in that huge blizzard).

I went and sketched Admiralty Arch, standing underneath a huge heavy tree canopy, and a good job too, for it started to bucket down. I kept on drawing all those windows, but was sad that the sunny day had turned so rainy again. Now I remember British summers, I said to myself. I spent the rest of the day getting wet, and bustled about in crowds, and through shops looking for things to bring back home. Next day, I went to Lisbon, and everything was sunny again…

2 thoughts on “underneath the arches

  1. tiera says:

    Hi Pete,

    your sketches are the best of the best! can you help me get as good as you? :) You “hold your pen in an unusual way” but your technique has changed a lot over the years, getting more and more refined and exciting with crisp lines of varying weights and thoughtful application of watercolor. Other than practice, how did you improve so? I’m guessing you started fooling around with different techniques or picked up advice from some fellow artists, but I would like to know which ones have made the most impact. :)

    • pete scully says:

      Aw thanks! I think practice is the main thing (draw every day!) but looking at other people’s sketches and seeing what I like about them (how they use values, balancing tightness/looseness, etc) is important. I draw as much as i can but actually little time to draw as i’m pretty busy, i just squeeze it in when i can. Best wishes!

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