ciocolat, davis

Such a popular Davis place, Ciocolat on the corner of B and 3rd. And yet, I have never actually been there, never so much as walked through the door. One day I will. I do like chocolate after all. I’m juts not much of a cafe person. I was walking back to work one lunchtime last week when I decided I needed to do a very quick sketch.

I do love chocolate though. Give me some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, or big bar of Milka, I’m well happy mate. Chocolate over here isn’t as good as back home, the commercial stuff anyway (I’m looking at Hershey’s here), but there are some amazing chocolatiers such as See’s Candy and Scharffenbergen, as well as lots of small local ones I don’t even know. But I’ll have a Milky Way too, dunk it in my cuppa tea, I love a bit of chocolate. Funny enough, I don’t drink hot chocolate. I can’t stand the stuff. Nor dark chocolate. Give me a nice big chocolate covered pastry though, pain-au-chocolat, oh yes.