let’s draw old north davis!

let's draw old north davis!

It’s time for another Let’s Draw Davis sketchcrawl! This time, we will be sketching in old North Davis, starting at the Davis Co-Op on G Street, sketching the neighborhood, and then meeting up again outside the Dairy Queen, by the railroads at 5th Street.

Join us for another sketchcrawl in the city of Davis, California, on Saturday August 27. This sketchcrawl is free and open to all who have an interest in drawing, from beginners to old hands. This is a great way to connect with other local artists and people who like to draw, to learn from each other and to look at our city in a new refreshing way.

All you need is something to draw on and something to draw with!

DATE: Saturday August 27
START TIME: 10:30am
START LOCATION: Outside the Co-Op (6th / G Street)
END TIME: 3:00
END LOCATION: Outside the Dairy Queen (5th / I Street)

Everybody is welcome so feel free to forward this onto anybody who may be interested. See you there!!

Let’s Draw Davis Flickr group 

Let’s Draw Davis Facebook event

lisbon symposium, day 3: worldwide sketchcrawl #32

rua augusta, lisbon

The final afternoon of the Lisbon Urban Sketching Symposium was the 32nd Worldwide Sketchcrawl. For those of you who know, the worldwide sketchcrawl (see sketchcrawl.com) was started about seven years ago in San Francisco by Enrico Casarosa and quickly established itself across the world, encouraging sketchers to just meet up with other sketchers, pick a spot, spend all day drawing, then share the results online for the world to see. As you can see, I’m sharing rather later than I usually would (had a bit of a backlog!). Most sketchcrawls I’ve been on in the past have usually been finished by 4:30, but we had barely begun!

urban sketchers as far as the eye can see

We met at FBAUL and moved en masse, snaking down the hill (see above) to Praco Comercio, where we would be meeting with many non-symposium sketchers. I got distracted and sketched a fire hydrant, but made it down to the group eventually. I decided to sketch off on my own a little though, and drew the big arch from Rua Augusta (see top). As I sketched, people gathered around (one smart young lad pointing out how long it had taken me to draw the picture, by looking at the clock in the drawing!). At one point, a group of people were all around me taking photos. I wandered up Rua Augusta, I wanted to have a look around Baixa district not having explored this part of town much. It was full of shoppers and tourists (and pickpockets, quite likely), as well as street musicians like the one I sketched below, looking like a snake charmer. It was very ‘world music’ and not very good to be honest, quite repetitive, but people still stopped to watch (or sketch). I also sketched a dress in a shop window (oh no!), to illustrate that this is a shopping district.  

baixa dressbaixa street musician

What I REALLY wanted to draw though was the building below. Inever got a chance to go up the Elevador Santa Justa, but I was not going to leave Lisbon without attempting to draw it. I found a nice little spot, looked up and sketched away. It’s an interesting neo-Gothic building, essentially just a nicely decorated lift, with an impressive view from the top (one of the workshops I never attended, ‘Panoramania’ with Simo Capecchi, was held there – that would have been so cool! But I hear it was windy). It was built at the end of the 19th Century to get people up from Baixa to Largo do Carmo.  

elevador santa justa, lisbon

I sketched another hydrant (see previous post on fire hydrants), and went back up to FBAUL to meet with the returning sketchers for the final get-together, and to look at eveyone’s sketchbooks…