bricks, guns, candy (and dollar bills on the ceiling of a bar)

jacksonville city hall

More from Jacksonville, southern Oregon. I sat beneath a shady tree and sketched the historic city hall. It is very peaceful around there, the chirruping of birds only broken by the families of visitors humming by on Segways. I sketched this with the uni-ball signo pen, and as I was about to add a tentative wash the pen said no, I will run. You can but but I can’t hide it. So it stayed black and white. You can colour it in if you like (just don’t use watercolours or sharpies on your monitor).  

far west gun exchangejacksonville candy machine

I had to draw this antique gun exchange. With all of the antlers and horns on the front of the shop, I wondered if it was really supposed to be a gnu exchange. You homo sapiens and your gnus. I also sketched a rather interesting candy dispenser, with glamourous looking shiny beads on it, in the window of a clothes store called La Boheme. It seems to fit nicely with the  clothes I sketched before.

Jville Tavern

When I came here on the same day last year, I finished up the afternoon by sketching in the JVille Tavern, accompanied by a nice local beer (Ashland Amber Caldera). I setched this bar from the other side last year. This one was sketched quickly in my small red moley, and spattered with some paint afterwards to add an interesting effect. Those things inexplicably pinned to the ceiling are dollar bills, not butterflies.

3 thoughts on “bricks, guns, candy (and dollar bills on the ceiling of a bar)

    • pete scully says:

      Yes, I’ve used that pen for years, and it is one of my favourites. It is extremely durable and lasts longer than any of my other pens, and it never runs in a wash. However, it’s just a little too thick a line compared to my usual drawing pens, which is why I don’t use it for everything. But in bigger drawings it is a real winner (especially on watercolour paper, which eats other pens up but the uniball vision micro absolutely rules).

  1. Rowland Jones says:

    Great stuff as usual . . .

    I love the ‘I setched this bar from the other side last year’ I know it’s only a typo but it makes it sound like the Ashland Amber Caldera worked!! :-)

    Must go and do some ‘setching’ . . . .

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