but come ye back, when summer’s in the meadow

medford, oregon, at sunset

It’s that time of year, and over the July 4th weekend we went to southern Oregon to visit family. It’s a long drive up; northern California really is quite vast,¬†though Medford is only just¬†over the border. The state of Jefferson, some people call it, a state that never was. It’s nice up there, lots of hills and mountains in the backdrop, and a very different feel to Davis. I sketched above while my son and his great-grandma fed the kitties, and the sun went slowly down beyond the trees. Crickets chirped, a couple of horses brayed, there was a dog barking in the distance. In addition to this there were police sirens and the sound of a speeding motorbike but that just added to the rural feel. I’ve got quite a few sketches to scan and post so I’ll get around to them at some point.