hit the road, jack

overlooking jacksonville, oregon

I had my bike with me in Oregon, so I cycled to Jacksonville. I went there on the same Sunday last year, and was retyrning to sketch the things I’d missed last time. It didn’t take long to cycle there, and it was a beautiful journey, much of the road running alongside a creek, with rolling hills, vinyards and even a snaowy peak popping out aboce it all. I had to stop at one point to sketch the view above, overlooking Jacksonville. As sson as I entered town, the sketching stool came out and I drew the First Presbyterian Church, a lovely wooden building which dates back to 1881.

first presbyterian church, jacksonville
Jacksonville church

jacksonville fire hydrant

And a fire hydrant; why not. More to come…


One thought on “hit the road, jack

  1. Don Tucker says:


    So glad I ran across your blog today. Your images are beautiful and made me smile. I will follow your travels and look forward to your new sketches.


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