when you see me walking down the street

froggy's and aggies'

The last regular page, and chronologically the last drawing done in Watercolour Moleskine #7 – another sketchbook finished! This is the corner of 2nd and G Streets, downtown Davis. That’s Froggy’s there, a popular local bar (they do nice burgers, but the acoustics are horrible), and the Aggies’ barber shop (I have never gotten my hair cut there). I had to do the colour at home, because it started to rain while I was sketching. It was the last day of May. So far, June (normally a very warm and sunny month) has seen epic thunderstorms and tornado warnings. A funnel cloud was seen over Davis on Thursday, and Aubrey Huff hit three home runs yesterday and one the day before. Mad June!

So now I am ‘between sketchbooks’. Well, in reality I’m not, I have my WH Smith sketchbook which I love working in and several others not yet started, but I haven’t yet got my new watercolour Moleskine – number 8 – which are always the ‘main canon’. I want to pick up some more WH Smith books though when I’m back, if they still do the ones with the fabric cover and the long piece of string.

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