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magneto toy

Finally I went to see X-Men: First Class. As a big X-Men fan (and of Magneto in particular; that’s my little magneto figure I sketched above), I was looking forward to this one, and wasn’t disappointed. Work finished early on Friday, and Davis was jam-packed with people in town to watch their young relatives graduate from UCD, so it was nice to go into the cool movie theatre and escape the afternoon crowds. The film was nice and long as well, and very well placed into its sixties theme. I’m not going to give too much away, but Magneto was pretty great, particularly the scenes of his revenge against former Nazis. James McAvoy as Charles Xavier was superb and fun to watch, really brought amazing personality to the character, and Mystique’s performance was excellent. Rose Byrne too was pretty wicked as Moira MacTaggart, and Kevin Bacon was a great Sebastian Shaw, but January Jones’s Emma Frost was a little uncharismatic. I also wish that Hank McCoy hadn’t become blue-furred Beast in this one, it seemed a bit unnecessary but mostly because I had enjoyed seeing Marcus out of About A Boy all grown up and being a scientist.  There were a couple of cameos that I enjoyed as well, and thankfully neither of them was Stan Lee, who amazingly did not appear in this film. Nor, by the way, was there any hidden scene at the end of the credits, which I am very pleased about but wish I’d known beforehand (Take That did the song for the end credits apparently, I didn’t want people thinking I was staying to listen to them. Ah, nobody knows them here anyway, and it was empty, and I’ve never ever bought a single Take That CD ever, except for that one time at Our Price when my friends weren’t looking). All in all, despite the slightly cheesy ‘mutant and proud’ line, I loved the movie, can’t wait to see it again and I hope there’s a sequel. And Erik Lensherr would make an excellent dentist. 

x-men at the movies