another one over…

last page of moleskine 7

The inside back cover of watercolour moleskine #7, these are just some of the materials used in this sketchbook.

So, Moleskine 7 started in December in London, with the first page being drawn in a blizzard. With the last page being at the end of May in Davis you might think it went from a blizzard to a heatwave, and in any other year it may have, but right now Davis is unseasonably cold, wet and windy.

You can see the whole sketchbook, from Dec 2010 to May 2011, on the Moleskine 7 flickr set.

snowy norwich walk (from the window)the varsity, 2nd stuc davis bike barn rialto bridgesketchcrawl31 raygun gothic rocketshipi st bridge, sacramentoSS Pampanitofroggy's and aggies'


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