best in snow

luke in the snow

A few weeks ago we drove up to the snow, which is found in the Sierra Nevadas about an hour and a half east of Davis. when I say th snow, I’m not talking about a sprinkling of white, I’m talking about SNOW. It must have been nine feet deep! Much of it was only a day old, fresh and powdery. We stopped at a rest stop just outside Truckee. It was my two-year-old son’s first experience of snow, so that was a lot of fun. Trying to build a snowman wasn’t easy, so I built a snow sith lord instead.

snow vader

These were drawn in a journal that I’m keeping for my son.

6 thoughts on “best in snow

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Your son is so cute! Makes me miss my daughter when she was little. They are so much fun at that age :). He must have loved the snow, and who wouldn’t love a snowman like that!

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