trash talk

garbage truck

Toddlers love fire trucks: the shiny red, the bells, the flashing lights. Toddlers love trains, hence the global popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine (who by the way should never be called ‘Thomas the Train’; Ringo will be cross). Toddlers love buses, school-buses, double-decker-buses (and he doesn’t even know about bendy-buses yet). But all of these pale into comparison with what toddlers really love: Garbage Trucks. Rubbish Trucks in the UK, Trash Trucks to others, whatever they are called kids love them. The arrival of the garbage truck can be the highlight of the week, a long awaited and much talked about event even more eagerly anticipated than the World Cup or the General Election (I’m sure some grown-ups will agree with the toddler section there too). The one above is perhapsĀ a current favourite toy in our house. I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over it. Oh, and if you ever get it for your kid, take the batteriesĀ out immediately – it has a way of making funny ‘garbage’ noises in the middle of the night completely of its own accord. Kids don’t care about the noises; they make their own sound effects.