the great outdoors

outdoor adventures, uc davis

Going outdoors is an adventure for me these days; it is high pollen season, and means itchy eyes and runny noses. I did some of this outside and the rest inside. Outdoor Adventures, the other half of the oft-drawn Bike Barn, at the oft-drawn Silo complex of UC Davis. The clouds really were plentiful and fast-moving. They are making the most of the Californian spring, before migrating north or south or wherever they go¬†for the summer. They don’t let clouds into the central valley during the summer, just in case they lower the temperatures below a hundred for a few minutes. I’m not looking forward to the Davis summer heat. It will be my fifth unbearably hot valley summer. You’d think I would learn.

take a seat

sketching stool

This is my sketching stool. It is an REI trail stool, foldable, very lightweight. I attached a camera-bag strap to easily carry it over my shoulder, and it is perfect. It has saved me from sitting on the dusty sidewalk on many occasions. In the past choosing a spot to sketch was often more important than what I was sketching. Now I can sketch anywhere (as long as I have good shade so I don’t burn to death). Hats and sunscreen obviously help there.

I’ve drawn this as an illustration to a new page on my site: Materials. Since I am so often asked what pens etc I use, I thought it would be nice to have a whole page showing what I use in my entire sketching experience, not just micron pens and cotman paints but my shoulder-bag and sketching stool. It’s not completely comprehensive however; I stopped short at revealing what I eat and what music I listen to while sketching.