take a seat

sketching stool

This is my sketching stool. It is an REI trail stool, foldable, very lightweight. I attached a camera-bag strap to easily carry it over my shoulder, and it is perfect. It has saved me from sitting on the dusty sidewalk on many occasions. In the past choosing a spot to sketch was often more important than what I was sketching. Now I can sketch anywhere (as long as I have good shade so I don’t burn to death). Hats and sunscreen obviously help there.

I’ve drawn this as an illustration to a new page on my site: Materials. Since I am so often asked what pens etc I use, I thought it would be nice to have a whole page showing what I use in my entire sketching experience, not just micron pens and cotman paints but my shoulder-bag and sketching stool. It’s not completely comprehensive however; I stopped short at revealing what I eat and what music I listen to while sketching.


5 thoughts on “take a seat

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    I love the new materials page, read it from start to finish, very useful. Besides I am preparing for a long overseas trip and trying to figure out my setup. I got my pens, pencils, and little Cotman watercolor box – very similar to yours. It is my watercolor brush that annoys me, I don’t like the little folding one from the box, but don’t want to drag the big one with long handle. What brush do you use?

  2. petescully says:

    Cheers Alex! I use a simple brush that is the same length as my pens, just goes in the pencil case with them. Been using the same one for years. I don’t use the little ones you get in the box, they’re a bit too small.

  3. travelingsuep says:

    I really like the new material page and have just read it of my 1st cup of Tetley’s this morning. Thanks for the explanation of the pens. I love Staedlar and have wondered aboutt the Copic which many of you rave about, but couldn’t find one to try. As my base is UK, though I’m rarely there, I now know why not. That said I keep trying different pens and sizes, but always return to my grey Staedlar 0.1.

  4. terry says:

    Ditto, love the Materials page. But don’t feel exiled Pete – you can buy the Pigma Microns easily via eBay, around £12 a box of 12!
    And Alex, just saw the end off your paintbrush if it doesn’t fit in your case….

  5. petescully says:

    cheers. I know you can get anything online, but when buying pens I much prefer to get them in a store so i can scribble with them first. Plus I like knowing they are around if mine go belly up.

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