down all the years, down all the days

blue posts in soho

I’m re-posting an old one today: the heart of Soho, London. I used to tell people it was called Soho because it was South of Hoxford Street. It’s really an old hunting cry (like tally-ho), because it used to be a hunting ground (well, it still is really). The grounds used to be marked with blue posts, and that is where the name of this old pub comes from. This is from over a year and a half ago. I sat on the very dusty street and started a new sketchbook as people stepped over me, as Londoners do. I went off for a pint afterwards, as Londoners do, in the nearby Ship (an old fave of mine).

I’m posting this because tomorrow I’m flying back to London for Christmas, and I am going to go on a sketch crawl around Soho (and environs) this Saturday. I’ll start at Soho Square and follow my nose. If any London-based sketchers want to come along, I’ll be starting about 10:30am by that funny little shed in the middle of the square (even if it rains).  So if you fancy it, do come along! I’m the guy with red hair and a scarf crouched over a moleskine holding his pen funny.

And if it rains, well there’s always the pub.

4 thoughts on “down all the years, down all the days

  1. Katherine says:

    I’m on a catch-up – the sort you do while waking up and avoiding thinking about what you have to do before you put the turkey in! Lovely to see all your sketches of London!

    So sorry to have missed you – although I’m afraid the centre of town on the last weekend before Christmas would not be my place of choice to be! I tend to stay around the river these days……….

    • petescully says:

      Cheers! And Soho was great (i thought the river might be too cold…). Not busy at all in Soho, off the main streets, it was so cool. And not cold – what is up with his place? No rain, no cold, it’s lke being back in davis. When i came over in may it pissed down every day!

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