at my dear land of story books

Some of my baby son’s toys and books and things. He particularly likes “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?” The large toy at the top is the French one, but his current favourite toy is not pictured: a colourful guitar toy from the backyardigans, whoever they are (apparently they sing a song about the “movers of arabia”, whatever that is).
toys, and things

Drew this in his journal. And this is my entry for Illustration Friday this week, theme “Rambunctious“. I had to ask my wife what that meant, as I think it’s more common a word over here than where I’m from. Full of energy. Babies who are on the verge of walking are certainly that, we are finding.

9 thoughts on “at my dear land of story books

  1. Karen Blados says:

    okay, that fabulous drawing made me sniffle. my biggest regret is i didn’t start sketching until after my babies had turned into kids. i’m not a “keeper” so other than their pacifiers, i don’t have anything from their babyhood. sigh.

    and yes, rambunctious is a great word for the newly walking. good luck! ;-)

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