all we need is music, sweet music

kamala harris 11-07-20 And so, it finally ended. Woo – and I cannot stress this enough – hoo! Though of course it will keep going on for a while. Almost worth it being most of a week to get the results on a Saturday morning, and celebrate the rest of the day (or in my case, go for a run, coach soccer, draw a lot, and have some beer). As if there weren’t quite enough words filling this week, the three sketches I did of the TV (one above, of Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris, first female VP as well as first black VP and first VP of Indian background, gave a great speech introducing President-Elect Biden. I wrote down as much as I could while drawing. Same below, though my sketch of Biden doesn’t look too much like him, more like Alan Pardew. Personally I am just really looking forward to having leaders where we don’t have to worry about what nonsense all-caps words they have rage-tweeted. But I try not to think about those too much, I don’t follow it, nor engage in it; as much as I use Twitter (mostly I tweet about Tottenham or football shirts) there are so many bots and trolls sweeping it looking for fights about politics, it’s like Camden Town at 2 in the morning but with Warhammer and Robot Wars thrown in. Actually it’s nothing like that at all, because that sounds awesome. (Who hasn’t witnessed Sir Kill-A-Lot glass a Giant Orc outside the Mixer before getting a bag of chips and jumping on the Night Bus?) Apologies to my American friends, this reference is possibly niche. Joe Biden 11-07-20 Still it was nice to hear a calming voice, a voice of reason, rather than one moaning about how unfair everyone is to him and how tremendous he is. I get enough of that watching Jose Mourinho. By the way, this morning Tottenham actually went Top of the Premier League for a few brief moments, before Leicester retook the lead in the next match, which was a fake match and actually Tottenham have in fact won the league with a big 1-0 win, and I’m claiming victory in all remaining games. (Literally the entire world has done a variation of this joke already, better than I could). By the way, the actual funniest thing yesterday is far and away the press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Straight Outta The Thick Of It. Earlier in the day while still watching the Newsathon, I drew various announcements on my iPad (below), as people celebrated and danced on the streets of Washington DC, and cities everywhere. My cat looked out of the window, unaware that there has been a change in the human leadership, only concerning himself with whether he will be allowed to play in the yard or get dinner a bit earlier. The cat agenda is never taken into consideration by human politicians. I’m glad the new President will have pets though, the only pets the last President (whoever that was – still is, I guess) had were peeves. Of our two cats, they disagree on a number of issues and call each other all sorts of uncivil names but they cross the aisle when it comes to Being let outside to play in the yard, or Opening the window a bit, or Getting fed now right now. Biden wins 11-07-20 It’s been quite a week, exhausting and exhilarating, and sure the fun isn’t over yet (not by a long shot; just give it up, man!), but I probably won’t be glued to the TV waiting for Breaking News Updates about there maybe being a few extra votes counted in Wherever County or whether the Losing campaign claims there were votes from time-travelers from the future or something. I’m glad I drew some of it though, historical record and all. 2020 is really the story that keeps on storying. I got a new great-nephew on Friday when my eldest niece gave birth (welcome baby Che!), and a new President and Vice-President on Saturday. Take the good moments when they come!

5 thoughts on “all we need is music, sweet music

  1. unironedman says:

    Pet peeves? C’mon people, give this gag some love! Also, need your feedback on my own Spurs gag. I tweeted to Greg Jenner before the match that Harry Kane wouldn’t give you COVID coz he neves passes on anything and I think he was miffed coz he shot straight back with ‘you do know he has the most assists for the whole team’ and I replied that he was probably aiming for the goal and missed. And now he’s not talking to me. Put in a good word, will ya? Also, woohoo the Foxes! (I’m a Market Harborough boy from birth).

    • pete scully says:

      Ooh, no way, I’m with Greg Jenner. Kane’s passing this season has been amazing and he’s had more PL assists than anyone (8 ; how many has Vardy got? 1). If you’re going for that joke you need to use someone with zero assists and low pass accuracy – Paul Pogba – or use the other version, like the one about Kepa, who’ll never get COVID because he can’t catch anything.

      • unironedman says:

        Vardy is a natural poacher. You only have to look at the guy to know he ain’t passing anything. And after that peno, maybe he should pass the duty on to someone else. Pogba? Wouldn’t have the dude on my team. Chooses when he wants to play. Sadly, as a United fan from way back, he IS on my team. So there ya go. Leicester should have been my team but when you’re a kid, you get assigned a team, as I recall…

        But Kane is a class act. Natural striker of the ball. Though he ain’t no Glen Hoddle :-)

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