everybody wants to be a cat

sawyer and whiskers
I have been reluctant to become a pet-sketcher, but our two young two cats, Sawyer and Whiskers, aka the Banes of My Life (I love them really), stayed still long enough for me to draw them during one of the less entertaining World Cup matches.They are very sweet when they are asleep. They look almost identical (they are brothers) but have remarkably different personalities. Sawyer is a whiner who likes to jump on high shelves, Whiskers likes to steal things and take them under the couch. Whiskers also likes my computer chair and does not like it when I want to sit down, and tries to push me off. Sawyer thinks hunting flies and moths is the best thing ever invented. He probably thinks his name is “Get Down”. They both love the laser pointer. Whiskers likes rolling around in my dirty laundry. They barely tolerate my existence otherwise.

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