this is ink land

pens sept 2015 sm
These are my pens. These are not all of my pens. These are some of my pens. I like the Uni-Ball Signo UM-151 pen, and I order them from Jetpens. The one I use the most is on the left, the brown-black version. I go through a lot of these. They don’t run with a watercolour wash (unlike the black one, which does). The coloured ones are fun to have too. For thsoe who don’t know I colour in using watercolour paints. There are a couple of other pens in this picture, one is the Pigma Graphic (a thick-lined version of the Pigma Micron), the white gel Uni-ball Signo (this has a very prominent white gel that shows up on even very dark surfaces, unlike a lot of white gel pens), and the black one is the Pentel 04 which is not quite as nice as the Uni-Ball Signo UM-151 but is still pretty good. Oh, and there’s my trusty H2 pencil. Tools of the trade. Hey if you are interested in what materials I generally use when sketching, I have recently updated my long-in-need-of-updating Materials page. Hope you like it!

10 thoughts on “this is ink land

  1. docmeade says:

    Pete, Love you work! Have you ever considered doing a time lapse video or a series of progressions for those of us who aspire to sketch like you? BTW, I love the brown-black signo too (I have a thing for brown inks), but I’ve never tried to sketch with it. – duh! I’ll have to give it a try!

    • pete scully says:

      Thank you! I have done step-by-step posts in the past which is alright, but I don’t enjoy the video thing, I doubt I’ll try that again. I definitely recommend that pen for sketching though, it is a beauty.

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