new year, old town

Old Town Sacramento. Click on image for larger view. Or move closer to screen.

Old Town Sacramento. Click on image for larger view. Or move closer to screen.

2015, the future. On New Year’s Day I had a day off. New Year’s Eve is always a bit unnecessary in my opinion these days, old fogey that I am becoming, just watching TV waiting for that awful pointless ball drop in New York City that actually happened three hours ago. God that is awful, isn’t it? Times Square on New Year’s Eve, in a massive crowd of people doing basically nothing, being forced to listen to the most awful bland TV music in the history of popular entertainment, if you happen to be watching on TV you also get treated to hours of the most awful TV presenter banter intermingled with nonsense about how Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve is somehow magical and amazing, well it is for you random celebrity pop singer, you have all the trappings of being a random celebrity pop singer, you don’t have to wait in a big crowd listening to you bawl on before some stupid ball comes down a stupid pole. And you know what? They didn’t even show the actual ball on the TV channel I was watching, like it must have been sponsored by the other side, was it? I bet it was. The fireworks if there were any must have been too because they were also lacking. Oh I watched the fireworks from London on YouTube, and London won New Year’s Eve this year. Anyway, if you’ve managed to read this far into my anti-NYC-NYE rant (Happy New Year, by the way), here is what I managed to sketch on the first day of 2015. I was in old town Sacramento, while my wife went to Arden to return some stuff, and I had about an hour and a half. I did most of the drawing on site, but finished the detailing and added the colour later at home. It was a lovely sunny day. I do remember the very first New Years that I was here in California, I remember having the exact same rant about the three-hours-ago nonsense on TV back in 2005-06, that was NINE YEARS AGO. I remember the news stations were asking people in Sacramento not to be shooting their guns up in the air on New Year’s Eve (a popular pastime apparently) because bullets, you know, come down again and could hurt people. I remember how stormy it was that year, how we had a lot of flooding in the area. I was new to America, still not working at that point, with Davis being all new and fresh and undiscovered. Anyway…this was done in the Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook, and yes, same as last year, I’m spending January doing panoramas. More to come…

9 thoughts on “new year, old town

  1. Jacqui heal says:

    My daughter and I have recently discovered your work, while doing some research for her gcse Art, we think you are brilliant. ..

    • pete scully says:

      Thank you Jacqui! I remember doing GCSE art, the first assignment was “draw a part of your body” so I drew my eyebrow. Didn’t get a good mark for that one but it made me laugh at the time!

    • pete scully says:

      See I remember watching Jools Holland on NYE back in the UK, loved that, and one year I remember the Rab C Nesbitt new years special which was great. New Years Eve telly just aint the same here.

  2. dkatiepowellart says:

    I basically hate any holiday whose whole point (in the media and ads) is to have an amateur drunk contest (St. Patties day is #1). My husband and I have made it good for us — a nice dinner, setting intention and good talk, and possibly a good movie. To bed early.
    I always enjoy your images — even if I don’t “like.”

  3. ariannamartin1986 says:

    First: your sketches are great!
    Like the way you add memories..I just moved to US myself and I hope I will have some good memories to tell about it some day.
    Keep writing & sketching because I will keep following :-)

  4. mimosquito13 says:

    I like your sense of humour :D… and your sketches carry this lightheartedness that’s quite cool. awesome stuff!

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