hurrah for thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving wall 2014
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Unless you’re not in America in which case, enjoy your Very Normal Thursday. In anticipation of our lovely eat-turkey-and-pumpkin-pie holiday I decided to get to work making something festive for our wall, and here it is. All cut from paper, with the main letters made of little paper mosaics. Here are the leaves, which will also go all over the table. Can I recommend making loads of paper leaves as a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon? It really is.
Here is an in-progress shot of the mosaic-making project, including a very British cup of tea.
Thanksgiving Letters
And some thanksgiving coloured flowers. The big paper bag turkey was made by my son at school, and I love it.
Thanksgiving wall 2014


and for once in your life you have nothing to say

silo panorama nov2014 sm

Click on the drawing to see it bigger. Another panorama, this one being from the Silo area of UC Davis, which as you may recall I have sketched once or twice or a million times before. (Aaaargh, I’ve been in Davis for ages!) Still, I’ve not drawn a two-page panorama from this angle. I had intended to colour the whole thing in (hello laziness, my old friend) but those trees are just a dull green with some crunchy brown so you’re not missing any Fall colours. You can see some of them in the rainy drawing below of the view of the Farmer’s Market at the Silo (every Wednesday lunchtime) which I sketched last month from the staircase you can see on the building in the right, above. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

silo farmers market, uc davis