first street real estate

First Street Real Estate
This is First Street Real Estate, on the corner of 1st & D in Davis, sketched yesterday afternoon. We had just been to see Big Hero Six – amazing movie by the way! – and I had a couple of hours daylight to draw. I haven’t been out sketching enough lately due to an unusually busy work period (though I did just draw a big complicated space-themed advent calendar; I have been doing art). The sun goes down so early now that my windows of sketch-opportunity become smaller. Oh it’s nothing new, happens every year, and soon those pesky leaves will be off those trees and I’ll be able to see the buildings better. My best Davis stuff always comes in the winter-time, I feel.

Anyway I wanted to sketch this place because I have spent a lot of time there this week hanging many of my other sketches, originals and prints from Davis, San Francisco and London, for this month’s upcoming exhibit. They will be on their walls through the end of December (and available to buy), and this coming Friday, November 14, there will be a reception as part of Downtown Davis’s 2nd Friday Art About. I will be there between 5:30 and 7:30 along with some sketchbooks, so if you want to come and say hello I’d be happy to meet you!