where the bard was born

Shakespeares Birthplace Stratford sm
After the day at Warwick Castle, we drove down through the countryside to Stratford-upon-Avon, a place synonymous with William Shakespeare, because all of the signs in this entire section of England say so. Stratford is a lovely place, in a lovely part of the country. When we got to the house in which Shakespeare was born and grew up, I had to sketch it of course. Yes, I’m a tourist and very proud of it. After this, we drove through the Cotswolds, which are lovely, before driving back to London. So now I’ve been somewhere else I’ve never been before!
me with the house Shakespeare was born in

2 thoughts on “where the bard was born

  1. MorrisMosart says:

    You just missed the good summer and hit a low pressure vortex, rain, hail & turbulence. Admire your resilience but hope timing is better next time – and try a special church at the pinnacle of Warwick.
    The countryside there’s like another country – continental goes Tudor perhaps. Of course, the actor Will was an illiterate front man for crispy Bacon and his English breakfast mates!

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