red box

phone booth on D St

This phone box is on D Street in Davis. I drew it last year as part of the show I had at the Pence (and it was the first to sell) and also again recently in my sketchbook. This version was done as a commission, so drawn using those sketches and some photos as reference. I thought I would show you how it looked only partially coloured too, since I like that look.
For those of you from previous centuries, a phone box is where people would sometimes go to make phone calls when they didn’t actually want the entire street to hear their loud and dull phone conversation. Such conventions seem very outdated these days. While this doesn’t have an actual telephone in it any more (and of course was imported from Britain), perhaps people should still be made to go inside such phone booths to use their cellphones, I’d be in favour of that by-law.

phone booth on D St

Merry Christmas folks!

5 thoughts on “red box

  1. Aloquin says:

    LOL, forget the loud and dull, what about when you’re walking by with your little child and someone is carrying on on their cell, attitude on over-drive, bathing everyone’s ears in their vulgarity and obscenities? That is one of my pet peeves. OK, getting off my soap box now. :)

  2. Myra Handsaker says:

    For the moment, at least you can escape cell phones in airplanes. I miss the old phone booths. Lovely drawing. Happy Holidays! Cheers!

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